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To meet the needs of our clients and patients, we have created a no-rinse peeling!

AArkada peeling is a good solution to the problem of callous skin on the hands and feet.

Our goal when creating the recipe was prevention and home care.

Sugar peeling with ground apricot kernels, natural oil extract from
calendula, carrots, coconut and almond oil.
Sugar crystals and ground apricot kernels contained in the peeling will thoroughly smooth and smooth
they will refresh the skin, resulting in better absorption of active substances.
* coconut and almond oils moisturize and elasticize the skin
* carrot extract is a source of vitamin A, which is essential in the nutrition and regeneration of the skin
* calendula extract contained in the peeling has antifungal and antibacterial properties and stimulates the skin renewal processes

Peeling should be massaged in circular movements, removing calluses while stimulating microcirculation.
After cleaning the particles, the peeling base remains on the surface of the skin, responsible for moisturizing, regenerating and protecting against microbes and bacteria. To remove particles, you can use the cotton tissue attached to each peeling.

The product can be used for all skin types. We have good news for amateurs of full body peeling. It can also be used in the shower and then rinsed with water. From among all the proven peels, we recommend this one!

Capacity: 70g


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