Organic Bamboo Joggers


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Composition: 92% bamboo, 8% elastane

Cut: simple

The first joggers for little legs. Comfortable joggers with an elastic band, perfect for every toddler. Made of soft and delicate material, very pleasant to the touch.


The properties of bamboo clothing are hard to underestimate. It is light, extremely pleasant to the touch and does not cause irritation, which makes the bamboo fiber material ideal for the sensitive skin of premature babies and newborns.

Bamboo, unlike other plants used in the textile industry, grows very quickly and thanks to its natural antibacterial properties it is not attacked by parasites and there is no need to use poisonous pesticides in the plant growth process.

Bamboo fiber materials show exceptional hygroscopicity, i.e. water capacity, thanks to which they quickly absorb both sweat and moisture from the body, e.g. after a bath. They also dry much faster, which reduces the risk of bacteria developing in them.

Water absorption also affects the thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fiber materials, which can translate into a comfortable feeling of coolness in summer and pleasant warmth on cold days.

The entire collection is made of a very nice and light bamboo fabric, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified with the addition of elastane, thanks to which the garment is more comfortable, more pleasant to wear and is also smoother. Spandex does not cause allergic reactions, does not pick up static, so it does not attract dirt and dust and has very good ventilation properties.

Bamboo baby clothes are fastened with nickel-free, anti-allergic press studs, so they can also be successfully used by allergy sufferers.

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