Raw Honey with Raspberry




Creamy multiflorous honey with the addition of freeze-dried raspberry.

It contains 2% raspberries.

If you are looking for fruity sweets at any time of the year, this product will appeal to you. The combination of multi-flower honey and freeze-dried raspberries is simply delicious. It is a perfect proposition for moments when you want something sweet and incredibly fruity. We liked it mainly as an ingredient of desserts, ice cream toppings and all breakfasts – toasts, muesli or porridge.

Properties of honey with raspberry:

  • All the benefits of multi-flower honey combined with the properties of freeze-dried raspberries
  • Freeze-dried raspberries have retained all their properties – they are not only delicious, but also healthy
  • The addition of raspberries is a lot of well-absorbed vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • Raspberries have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antibacterial and antiviral properties – they are irreplaceable during periods of reduced immunity!
  • Multiflorous honey with the addition of raspberries is perfect as an addition to tea, as an ingredient in desserts, ice cream coating and eaten on its own
  • Favourite choice for our youngest customers

Honey ingredients:

Blossom honey 98%
Freeze-dried raspberry 2%

Additional information about honey:

Real honey crystallizes. You can bring it back to a liquid form by heating it to 40° C. On a daily basis, however, protect it from sunlight and do not store it at a temperature higher than 18° C.

If you are buying a supply of honey, store it in a cool and dark place, such as a cellar or pantry.

Weight net: 430g

Bee rapturous! Children love it!


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